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I've seen in some threads how people are using store bought best humidifier with lengths of PVC to drop humidity down into a cage.

I'm having issues trying to find something that will work like that. What do I need to be looking for? What store sells a good variety? And what brand is easiest to modify like that?

And for those of you using misters, who do you keep the water warmer than room temperature? Or do you at all? My cham loves warm water and runs from room temp water, thats why I ask.
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I've always been wary of humidifiers due to the potential for mold and other bugs (germs) and keeping them clean. My BIL, no CF, has sinus issues and he uses one; however, uses some sort of cleaner to sterilize it on a regular basis to decrease the chance of things growing in it.


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Just a thought. I helped a friend set up a new CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine that might do the job you want. CPAP machines provide a source of conditioned air with a fair volume and pressure. Usually attached to a mask, air that is temperature and humidity preconditioned is delivered at a desired pressure/volume.

CPAP units are for treating sleep apnea, essentially pressuring a person's breathing air. Nearly all the breathed air has been humidified, warmed and filtered for breathing. It has the same need to be sterile, and sterilize-able parts as a nubulizer so maybe have a couple demonstrated for you at a medical supply where you get nebulizers. Also the machine is absolutely silent so it could be placed quite close.



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I've been using humidifier for my baby. All of the humidifiers are adorable but I would choose the Crane Adorable Cool Mist Humidifier Owl. My daughter’s room has Owls all over it and this humidifier would fit right in. I love that it also adds soothing moisture to the air.