Blood glucose monitoring system from Nipro Diagnostics


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One of the major firm Nipro Diagnostics introduced a new diabetic product. i.e blood glucose monitoring system & for this Nipro got the approval from FDA.In this monitoring system contains Triple sense technology, which is going to detect,analyze and correct physiological variability and temperature.In this meter there are pre and pro post meal tags, so that the we can easily check blood glucose reading for the diabetic patients before and after meals.


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I wish they would come out with infer-red sensor technology soon for diabetic monitoring. It would be awesome not to prick my finger 6-8 times a day. Just like with oxygen sats, the beam is suppose to "see" sugar in you blood. Being diabetic since I was 16, my fingers,- even with the best most fine lancets -are now scarred and damaged in my nerves. Your fingers are not supposed to be pricked daily for years. CFers already have nubby clubby tips, so it hurts :(