blood in sputum after exersize


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I felt great at the gym. I had a lung bleed about a week or so ago I just previously posted in the bulletin. I went back to the gym this am. Did my nornal routine and I came home felt great energized coughed up somen mucous and of coarse some blood was in it. Not like last week!! But now im wondering is it working out thats causing it? It is neccissarly a bad thing? Im on antibiotics and do my treatments 3x a day if not more. I feel healthier than last week
what the hecccck
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After my past experience with major episodes of coughing up blood (every 3 months for 4 years, I'd cough up at least a cup), the first time I had an episode where I just coughed up a teaspoon or less had me in a panic attack. However my doctor told me that can happen. Typically, as long as it's about two teaspoons or less, she does not worry too much, if the bleeding stops right away, I feel healthy, and it is an isolated incident. I stop all airway treatment except inhaled antibiotics for 24 hours, start pulmozyme after 24 hours, and resume my usual treatment after 48. I also refrain from any and all exercise for those 48 hours.

I'd say try working out again in a day or two. If it happens again, then it might be a pattern developing and something more might need to be done in terms of treatment.


I would consider this part of the first bleed. Continue to heal and hang in there! Maybe do yoga type stuff for another week.


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That sucks im sorry I had it bunch of times scares the crap out of me what helped me is steroids it helped me a bunch and made me feel better along with antibiotics but on very low dose of steroids for weeks at a time and haven't had any blood sence but hope everyone gets better and stays healthy


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I really hate bleeds, I think it is the most unpleasant thing with CF, it is very scary and I am most scared if it ever happens at an inappropriate place, like out eating somewhere or out some place having fun, or worse yet on vacation far away. I don't worry about it though, if it happens it happens. Thankfully I haven't had any major bleeds since mycobacteria, and that went away for now. I did have streaking before my IVs though. Another thing is to it really panics friends or close family members, my mum will cry if that happens or get real upset, and I hate to see that :(