C.f. family rescue


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good morning my name is David Wagner and I am a cystic fibrosis patient. I have many family members that have cystic fibrosis as well. Today I come to you and ask you for your assistance of our families are suffering with issues with food utilities rent and other massive issues that they are having including medical expenses and that is exactly what each one of these are we set up a group that is working on getting funding to make this possible to help families in crisis with cystic fibrosis patients involved we see that there are many patients that are involved in this massive issue we also see that other medical conditions get taken care of however cystic fibrosis get placed on the back burner many times do people pretend that they know nothing about cystic fibrosis that is mostly he's not true they choose not to use the benefits to their ability did you know some places have ability to give extra food stamps to the cystic fibrosis patients due to the high calorie count that they have Minnesota is not one of them but many other states are I would like to discuss this with everyone and I hope you will join us we have about 200 members currently I believe that it's about 125 1:30 to be exact I want you all to come and meet with us and join our group if you have ideas we want to hear them if you have issues we want to hear them too we did just have a pizza party and we want to have more come on over and join the fun and let's get see a the help they need right away thank you