Can you trust the internet?



question arose. I do not like that on the Internet everything is publicly available. How can information be protected?


Hi Gerberkon! Welcome... What kind of information are you considering??? What kind of information are you concerned about protecting... Because, I think the short answer is: No. The safest way to "protect" personal information is to not put it / post it / record it on anything or any site connected to the internet. However -- that's rather unreasonable...

Much of the information we THINK is private or protected, really is not -- if you've been reading about how the NSA has been monitoring, or even possibly more insidious, hackers and corporate interests abilities to peruse information you thought was somehow personal or private or protected -- it seems pretty much anything you transmit or post or publish via the internet, whether publicly or "privately" -- can be exposed or monitored by someone... If you can hide it -- someone can find it...

As a general rule -- do not post a picture you wouldn't mind being shown to your boss, your HR department, or your mother.

What kind of information are you looking to "protect"??? There are a number of people who I believe are far wiser to the ways of the internets here than I am... Love, Steve