Cardio-pulmonary testing -bike or treadmill?


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My 14 year old had cardio-pulmonary testing and I have questions from anyone who experienced this.

Did your testing occur on a bike or treadmill? Do you know why one is chosen ever the other?

Did your PFTs change between before and after? My daughter coughed lots of mucus into the breathing tube during the test that spilt out when she took her mouth off the tube. Then she coughed up more mucus between PFT post tests and again when we were done. Her FEV1 increased 1% and her FEF25-75 increased 8% after the bike. I hope this means exercise induced asthma was officially ruled out. Before and after albuterol was not even done because it isn't indicated unless there is a 15% drop in PFTs.

I'm concerned why she did the bike test because the technician said asthma is usually tested on the treadmill, but they get more results on the bike. I'm confused what the "more results means".

A monitor kept going off during the test, but the lady monitoring the heart rate machine wouldn't tell me why? What monitors could be going off?

Her pulsox remained "good", but I wasn't told numbers.

i know I will have to wait for the doctor two weeks for results so any answers to ease my nerves or educate me on questions to ask when the doctor calls with results would be appreciated.