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Can someone please explain how carriers work? So my grandparents had four kids. One of them was my mother, and I have CF. No one else in my family has CF. The grandchildren are starting to have children now. My cousin is pregnant and she found out she is a f508 carrier . I am double delta f508. Does that mean that all the grandkids from my grandparents are carriers?


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Dear Kim,
no. Each person has two cftr genes, one from mom and one from dad. One of your moms parents at least had one df508 which they gave to your mom. But that grandparent also had one normal cftr gene and could have given the one normal gene to her other three kids...your aunts or uncles...or they all could have gotten one bad gene. In turn they all could have passed either the good or bad gene to your cousin. So your cousin could have got the bad gene for your biological aunt or uncle who got it from your grandmother or grnadfather...or could have gotten from their spouse and not even gotten from your family lineage.
It's a good idea for the daddy to be to get genetic testing done. It may just help them know if they need to prepare for the chance of a kid being born with CF. Both parents would have to be a carrier of CF, and if so, then the baby would have a 1 out of 4 chance to be born with cf. If the daddy isn't a carrier, then no worries. It's funny. One of my brothers is a carrier and his wife isn't. The other brother isn't a carrier but his wife is. My ex and I were both carriers (apparently) as our oldest child doesn't have CF but my youngest son does.

Usually insurance will pay for blood to be sent for genetic testing in the situation where there's a baby on the way or the possibility of a baby on the way.

My son wasn't diagnosed until he was 3.5 months old and was a very sick little one until then. Hopefully they can find out if there's the possibility and if so, be prepared to get the baby tested at birth (little heel prick for drop of blood). Most states now do this test with the regular ones they run, but ours didn't at the time.