CF happens and life happens, you are not alone


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I am 33 and have been working on writing my life story (so far) for 5+ years. I have finally published it in blog form and would like to share it with you all. Please go to to read it. It tells of my life struggles like getting married young, infidelity, getting divorced, dating, getting married again, family issues, etc. All the struggles that "normal" life gives on top of CF. I wanted to share my story so that others can know they are not alone in this fight. Feel free to share it with others. Thanks! Shannon
Thanks Shannon!! Good for you for getting this out there. :) You are not alone. I know my son feels that way often, he's 14, and has no interactions with others with CF other than an occasional seeing a kid in another hospital room while he's admitted.
I really REALLY liked your writings...still working my way through. I'm going to share parts with my son for sure. Just wanted to say that the part towards the beginning where you tell people it's ok for them to be scared for you, but to tell you..... was worded SO PERFECTLY. I have tried to get that thought across to people before, but not been able to put it into words. I truly appreciate your sharing a bit of yourself. It does help those of us earlier in the journey of life with CF. Also good for you for living your life and not letting this disease define you but knowing it's a part of you and just living your life!!