CF Parenting Teleclass in February, Registration open now


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Hi All! I am starting to spread the word about my upcoming teleclass (by phone) for CF parents on February 3. Some of you here have attended (and can audit for free) so you know how much it helps with our kiddos! There are a limited number of scholarships available so register early for that.

Here's some info about the class:

Wouldn't it be nice to know about theparenting potholes in the road of life with cystic fibrosis so you can avoidthem? A new teleclass (by phone) starts on Feb 3, 2013 which will help youalong the way. You will learn techniques that:

• Are simple and easy to learn
• Teach resilience, responsibility, character and good coping skills
• Lower your stress level
• Have immediate and positive effects
• Increase the odds that your child will lead a healthy, happy, hope-filled life

For parents of kids of all ages; based on the popular Love andLogic® parenting approach. Facilitator Lisa Greene is a parent educator and momof two kids with CF. REGISTER NOW FOR NEW TELECLASS: Winningwith CF: Tools, Tips, and Tactics for Raising Healthier Kids™