CF Parents Survey Company


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For those of us who are cf parents or those with cf, you can sign up to take surveys and get a $10 gift card (amazon, Starbucks, or dunkin donuts), just for signing up. Looks legitimate, so I thought I would pass it on. If you put my name down, I can get another card too, but you don't have to. I just figured we could all use $10. :)

shanahane (@) hotmail (dot) com


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Erin, I signed up and referenced you. Have you gotten your first gift card yet? We could get a chain going if everyone referenced the person above them.

-Amanda (mandaishere@hotmaildotcom)


pipersmom - Cool idea on the chain. It is asking for a First and Last name for the referrer.

Oh also offers the email option. Duh. I'll get ya ;)



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Thanks for the info! I signed up under Mandi above me. My email is nrain128 at if anyone wants to add under me!
- Britney
Well, I am not sure if I will qualify but I gave Britney's email (nrain128 @ yahoo) as my referral. My name is Laurel & my email is laurel.warkentin at gmail dot com if anyone wants to use me :)