CF Vests Worldwide - Donating vests to CF patients around the world


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I am Rod Spadinger, CF patient and President and Founder of CF Vests Worldwide (; Facebook - @cfvestsworldwide). Our mission is to donate therapy vests to CF patients across the globe. Since our inception in June 2020, CF Vests Worldwide has donated 286 vests to CF patients in 55 countries on each continent. While we have gained a measure of success to date, there are dozens of CF parents around the world who are seeking vests from us. With that, CF Vests Worldwide is constantly seeking vests to be donated to us, so that we can turn them around and donate them to CF patients in need somewhere on the globe.

CF Vests Worldwide is a 501(c)(3) corporation, so all vest donations (vest machines, vest garments, etc.) are tax deductible. Should you have any no longer needed vest equipment to donate, please contact me at Thank you so much.