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Hey everybody!

I am a fitness coach and wanted to let you all know I am hosting a challenge group on facebook starting on May 19th. The group will be private so no one else will see anything you post in the group. You do have to use a beachbody program and I can help you figure out which one would work best for you! It will last for 30 days and throughout the challenge group you will post daily in the group and myself and a fellow coach will be there to help you stay accountable and motivated to stay active! I have been using several beachbody workouts and I have improved my lung function and gained 10lbs of muscle in just one month! I would love to have you join my challenge group! Message me on here or send me a friend request on facebook at

Also, if you just want free accountability to stay active I have a private accountability group where I do monthly challenges and post workouts, recipes and motivation! I would love to have you join that group as well and it is completely FREE!

Carisa Norman