Challenge if you accept


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I posted this on Facebook and if you would be interested in accepting the challenge and following my progress then please let me know. I posted it on my personal page as well as my running page.

If I took on the challenge of running a marathon in under 3:04 (3 hours & 4 minutes) would anyone be willing to agree to donate a $1 per mile ($26 total dollars) to a charity of your choice. I figured this gives me motivation to get out there and put the work in and we could help so many people.

I would start a new page and update you all on my progress along the way; the ups and downs I go through and where you would also hopefully respond and motivate me.

This would be on the honor system because I truly wouldn't know if you donated but I would trust that if I do complete the challenge you would.

I do love running and I hope this challenge, if people are willing to take me up on it; helps me too.

Please reply to this post and forward it on if you would be willing to accept this challenge. If people are willing to do this I will then look at picking a race, start the training, and posting update about my progress.


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No, I did not. How fitting that is. :)
I hope that is a sign of good thing to come for this. It would just be nice to motivate other to get healthy and give to those who need the help, no matter the cause.
I am currently trying to think of a catchy Page name in hopes that it might catch on and we can raise lots of money for many different reasons, CF included.
Thanks for being willing to accept the challenge. Now I just need to get the page going and hope with the motivation of many others I can complete my side of it. Doing this without CF would be hard enough but doing it with CF will defiantly be a challenge.

Thank You again! :)