coming up on 5 years


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Haven't posted in a while, but for those of you still waiting, keep hoping. I will be 5 years post this June and things have gone really well. I've been working fulltime, traveling and exploring new hobbies. I've also met my donor family on several occasions---which was amazing experience.


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This is fantastic news! Congrats! I'm just past 8 years post. I haven't heard from my donor family but I continue to write them as long as they accept my letters. My Lungs have been in stable condition for several years now. Still dealing with stomach issues and CFRD but those are small problems compared to post transplant living. I wish you the best! Live it up :)

Cale Gilley

Its so good to hear that your all doing so good so far out. Its scary thinking about it, but my doctors keep asking me if I have given any thought to a transplant my FEV1 is 19% up from 2 weeks ago and treatment from 17% last November I was 21%. So I've decided to get testing done for a transplant working that out with insurance right now. Just go good to hear people are doing good post transplant.