Conversation starters???

I'm just bored and would really like to talk to someone on here and maybe make a few friends My name is Kayla and I'm 17 years old. I like to sing, dance, draw, swim, run, act, and I plan on going to school in Seattle when I get out of high school for theater. I have reddish purple hair even though I am a natural blonde (ha-ha blonde jokes are welcome). I have 4 siblings, three brothers and a sister. I'm the youngest out of all of us. I'm kind of out there. I'm really old fashioned you know (guys make the first move kinda thing). Well anyway, I love to write and talk to people. Oh I am 5"6 lol. I love being short because that means that guys can be a lot taller than I am. Well just let me know if you wanna talk. :) bye.


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I think for the purpose you need to have better place or communication means for much better interaction or conversation. As by sharing some more detailed information about. Hopefully would help you meet more people. :D