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I came to the forum expecting a lot of information about COVID19 but there are only a few posts here. I urge members to share your thoughts, experiences, and concerns about COVID19 here.

I wonder how working adults are being affected? Are they staying away from their workplace? What advice are CF doctors giving about when it is safe for CFers to go to the workplace?Are there any reports of COVID19 cases among CF patients? Does it make sense for CF patients to be on preventive antibiotics? COVID is viral but it may aggravate bacterial infections among CF patients. The CF Foundation website has the same general guidelines that are there everywhere else. I wish there was more CF specific information available. There are all kinds of questions but no answers.


I have been working 100% from home. I rarely go anywhere. I have my groceries delivered. I have been three places since March 12: hiking, goat farm outdoors and to get an xray. I have not been around anyone since 3/12/20. My mother died of covid19 and my dr didn't want me traveling 8 hours to her burial. I attended on facetime. I got a horrible case of SIBO july and august but I don't think it had anything to do with covid. Curious why no one else replied to this.

My questions have to do with how our class of mutation interacts with the vaccine. No one has been able to tell me yet. I want to know how our DNA will interact with a RNA vaccine.


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