i just would like to vent, my husband is 28 with cf. I am 26 not haveing cf we have been married 2 years this oct being 3 i am at the university of iowa library while my husband is in his room. he got pneummonia this feb since the beginning of this new year our world has flipped upside down, our car is a piece of crap, our house is to dusty and not clean enough to come home to after a lung transplant that in jan was just something we should talk about and now it is down our throat since this pneummonia i have cried a lot and smiled not enough i need the sun and people who understand. i own a business in our town , i do hair, i decided i am a hairapist, i will talk to close clients about tony's (my husband) health, they do not understand they want to but don't, not that i would want them to have to understand this crazy disease. its frustarting i am trying to be strong for my husband i am at my witt's end for the moment tomm. may be better anyways i just needed to do that. i am not sure about this russian roulette game that our life is going to take, that's how i see the lung transplant situation at this time, at least we do have health insurance. i load myself with 12 hour working days see my husband on sat and sun, take care of the home life and pay the bills that seem to be the most important at the time, i know that we will get through it i just need to know that there are others out there this is the first time i have been on a forum for cf and figured i would need some friends that know. I want to know of anyone who may be able to tell us of a lung tranplant facility that is excellent, any that are excellent and close to iowa, please contact me at thanks for reading


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You've definetely found the right place. Lots of understanding people here, and people who've been through lung transplants and everything else. I mnow how it's like the car being a peice of crap and the house being too dusty; everything falling apart and not having any money at all to fix it. =-) I just got a forwarded e-mail today talking about how our lives and how we live them all depends on our attitude, that we can either be happy or sad.... Ha, ha, No. That works for a little while, sure, but when life keeps throwing it's little complications at you day after day, "chossing to be happy" loses it's effect. Sorry, i'm venting a little bit, too, i didn't really mean to. Anyway, I don't have any answers to your questions, I hope you find someone who does soon. I just wanted to let you know you're welcome here and understood. =-) Take care