Creatinine Help


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I've been having a lot of trouble the last few years with IV meds putting a strain on my kidneys. It always seemed that no matter how much I drank, or how many liters of fluid I got, my creatinine would go up. I'd have to hold the antibiotics, and the result was a hospital stay or home IV cycle that wasn't as effective as it could have been.

After my last hospital stay, I started doing research into natural ways to lower creatinine. I came across nettle leaf tea as being the best opinion. I asked my doctor if I could try it, and she said that would be fine. I couldn't find leaves to make tea, but the natural grocers had a pill form.

My last home IV cycle, my creatinine never went above .9, and my current hospital stay has even seen an almost too low value. We haven't added any extra saline fluid, I'm not drinking much more than I usually do.

I know there are people out there looking for natural help, so I thought I'd share this experience. Nettle leaf has really made a different in my IV treatments.


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nmw0615, such good advice! I am a student midwife and we often recommend nettle teas for liver and kidney support. You can order bulk nettles online from sites such as iherbs. We recommend stuffing a quart jar full (not packed down) of nettles and then adding boiling water and letting it steep overnight. After straining your nettles out you can add your favorite tea bag for flavor, or lemon juice and ginger and honey, or your favorite sweetner. For efficiency sake, you can make a weeks worth of tea at a time. Sipping on nettle tea throughout the day in order to complete the jar by evening is the goal. Thanks for bringing this up!