CRMS & Mucus


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My 15 yo son was diagnosed last year with CRMS. He sees the CF doctor twice a year, or more as needed. He seems to suffer the most in the winter, and I have a question I'm hoping someone can help me with. Last week he had diarrhea for about 5 days, and then that went away. His pediatrician chalked it up to a "virus". Now he's complaining of a lot of mucus in his throat, and it makes him feel nauseous. He does sinus rinses daily, and tonight I'm going to elevate the head of his bed. I've been warned not to use humidifiers, is there anything else we should be doing for him? He's also got an essential oil chest rub with eucalyptus that I told him to start using daily. He seems to be at his worst overnight and in the morning. Was also wondering if anyone thinks the "virus" last week could be connected, or just a coincidence? (he had the fecal test done last year and it came back negative, but I never really believed that) Thanks!


Not sure if you are doing this or know about this, but my ENT who sees a lot of CF patients, has us adding a drop of baby shampoo to our sinus rinses. He said it helps keep things clean and clears out the junk a little bit better. That might help a little bit. If he sleeps propped up that will help too. Also drink lots of water. That will help thin mucus out too.