Curious what's everyone's hospital like?


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Where do you get admitted when you're sick or need a tune up? What do you like about the inpatient treatment and what could be improved? Also what kind of perks do they have for the CF patients for example special cafeteria privalages, DVD players, laptops, ect.....?


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I go to the Brigham & Woman's Hospital in Boston. I have a private room, refrigerator, microwave, special menu, cafeteria tickets. I bring my laptop and any snacks that I want to have. I have been told that CF patients bring almost anything, including arts and crafts materials.
My son goes to KU Medical Center in KC. It's a full hospital, with just one part of one floor as the pediatric area. He has his own room, usually no fridge, but there is a fridge that patients and families can use, so we bring lots of extra treats in. We always request meal tickets as well as the meals. Joe is listed as needing high calories, so this allows us to use the tickets down in the cafeteria and snack area to get extras for snack times when main cafeteria is closed. We bring lots of games, art supplies, video game stuff etc as there usually is just little kid stuff available (Joe's almost 16 now). you can check out a laptop or video game system, but there are very few available, so we usually bring our own. Joe's in for 14 days usually, so if he gets one of the bigger rooms we even bring in a folding card table for eating on, playing games, art activities, etc. The room has a couch that makes into a little bed for mom, so it works out well.
I forgot the biggie, not only does my son get his own room to avoid getting other infections/viruses from other patients, but we schedule his admittances to go after an office sick-day visit. That way we sit in our own private examination room and not in the midst of all the sick people waiting in the admissions office. This is a BIG help and much appreciated. We go for a sick visit, the doc says "yup, you need to be admitted" then when the room is ready, we go over and start the check-in process in the room.