Dependency on oxygen


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Hi All,

my 3 year old had very severe pneumonia ( had 3/4 of his lungs out of order) and is hospitalised on April 2nd.
his pneumonia has subsided but his dependency on oxygen is alarming. His saturation point O2 is dropping down to 70's and further down. He's on oxygen 5 liters of oxygen. Is this oxygen dependency reversible. Doctors seemed positive but say that the lung secretions should come out for it to be fully functional and that it might take time. Should he do some special excercise or some thing. We do not have availability of pulmozyme. Does anybody have similar experience. please help me through this phase.


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I'm not an expert on children, but I do know that if he's getting down into the 70s for o2 sats, exercise is going to be rough. Not to say keeping active wouldn't help because it probably would, but don't push the little guy too hard. Give it time for the antibiotics to do their thing and keep up on his breathing treatments and CPT.


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I'm not a doctor but if they aren't telling you to have him do some kind of exercise while he is on oxygen I think I would be looking for a new doctor. Lungs are resilient but only up to a point. I am sad proof that it is VERY hard to find a way to get that lung function back once it is gone for a while.