Discussion: Benefits of Manuka honey in Cystic Fibrosis?


Hi everyone, I just posted an a short article in the cysticfibrosis.com blog area, which include some links to research on Manuka honey and its potential benefits on CF. Benefits of interest might be "curbing the activity and growth of bacterial biofilms, improving antibiotic resistance, antiviral and antifungal properties, benefits to digestion and easing cough."


Has anyone here tried Manuka honey? It is pretty expensive from what I understand as it is a unique honey from New Zealand and Australia.

How have you used it, have you experienced any benefit from it? I am a regular user of a natural creamed honey (not Manuka) that I obtain locally here in South Africa, I enjoy the taste, it agrees with me...but I cannot say that I use it for medicinal purposes other than easing a scratchy throat.

But these articles have certainly made me think, so I was curious on others' experience.



I just started taking Manuka honey. I've had a weeks worth of it under my belt as of today. So far my allergies seem to be better than when I wasn't taking it. I do a tablespoon of it at night right before I go to bed since it does make me a little bit sleepy. I'm still getting used to the taste though. For me, since I live in Ohio it was $50 a jar to have it sent to me. I'm anxious to see what my sputum cultures show the next time I have them done and any other improvements that I might have. I really like it and I really hope it might give me an extra kick in my fight.