e-mailing Oprah/CF awareness


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Hi all,I have been trying to get Oprah Winfrey to do a show about CF, those who have it and the people who love them for a while now. I am trying to raise awareness about CF. I am asking people to go to www.oprah.com Please, send her your story and ask her to do a show about CF. Tell her about they way people react to your symptoms. Or maybe tell her about all the things you have to do just to get yourself out of the house in the morning. Tell her what is the hardest thing about CF. Please, I think if enough people do this we could make a difference in someone's life. ThanksAndrea


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HI Andrea, Consider it done! I am writing an e-mail today. I did send her a letter a year ago with our story in hopes she would have an interest. I had been inc ontact with her production people who followed our adoptions. When Sam was diagnosed I had hoped that she would be interested enough to focus on children with CF. So I am behind you all the way! She would be an awesome contact for awareness!Thanks for responding to me on the families site about medical records for my 5.5 year old Sam with CF.