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Sup guys the names Mike, and Im a 20 year old animator with CF. Im working on a big project that I thought I should share with you ;D. So Im working on an animation and song called: View attachment 211

This project is gonna be about my fight with CF. CF is short for Cystic Fibrosis, its a genetic lung disease that pretty much produces to much mucas and clogs up certain parts of the body, mainly lungs. I just thought of this, and just thought...this idea is amazing. This animation wont be just about me, but anyone battling this disease, and it will also work with other diseases which is cool.

The animation will start out by me being born, as a baby im in a grey place, looking around, confused. I look forward seeing a black figure(the disease). He attacks, then the screen flashes showing a shot, and an Iv pole. It then goes back to the grey room, with me flinching. In front of me is a man(Antibiotics) blocking the disease's attack. He then proceeds to fight the disease, all the while I start aging getting older and older. By time I look about 10, I jump into the fight just doing small things. But every time I do I get knocked back by the disease, and the Antibiotic jumps in and saves me. I get to age 15, and the Antibiotic starts losing, this symbolizes when some of my antibiotics started becoming resistant to the disease. The antibiotic takes a knee and is done, I put my hand on its shoulder and nod. He smiles and vaporizes and infuses himself into me. Im now 16 and charge the disease, and he starts beating the shit out of me. Between the ages of 16 and now are when the disease really started affecting me. I get to age 20, and im beat to shit. I get a second wind and charge, i dodge his counter attack, and get him with a good punch. It doesnt do anything and he sends out a spike from his body impaling my right lung. This part symbolizes when my lung collapsed on the 26th of last month. With a hole through my lung, i fall to my knees. With a black stare on my face im just paralyzed from the fear of death. The disease is laughing. I start falling, but i start thinking of all the love and support my family and friends have given me over the years. I catch myself, and yell as if im powering up. The disease shuts up and looks at me with a surprised face. I get up, and charge faster then i ever had before, and right before i reach him he sends out spikes all over his body and it ends.

Why does the fight not end? CAUSE IM NOT DEAD YET!!!! I think this animation will be truly inspirational for kids and even adults fighting the disease. 50% of proceeds I recieve from this animation would go to the CF Foundation of course.

Sounds cool right. Im missing something though. A song lol Im writing one but I suck at it. I have a composer to create the instrumental. Im just lookin for someone to help me write and sing the song. Ill be getting the instrumental soon so once i get that Ill write the song. Then after we got it all recorded Ill animate to it.

The song will have the same feel as this "Enminems- Not Afraid" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHOahZVxtUI

Wish me luck ;D


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Damn...I get it. It sucks, but I am totally loving your honesty and your strive to overcome this stupid CF bullshit. I seriously want to wake up my 13 year old and tell him about you...he is the kind of kid that hates secrets and desperately needs to know everything that CF entails.


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Man, does that hit close or what? My downfall was when I blew a hole in my left lung, 17 March, '05. I shut the door on my '98 Peterbilt after work & felt a 'POP!' in my left lung. Next thing ya know, my face & neck started swelling from the air escaping my lung. I spent 3 weeks in a med-induced coma. My story didn't end there, I underwent a (fairly) successful double-lung transplant about 3 months later. Your fight is a long way from being over. Keep up the good work! I look forward to seeing the final result. I think your project is very kool....