excessive underarm perspiration


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Do any other CFers have a problem with excessive underarm perspiration? Though my daughter wears antiperspirant, she quickly sweats through and has underarm sweat come through her clothing.

Any ideas?



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Yes! I sweat a LOT. Not the most flattering thing as a female, but I have learned to accept it. As a teenager, it bothered my a lot. I started using the clinical strength antiperspirants that you apply before bedtime. Seems to help sometimes, but I haven't found much that helps. I sweat regardless of the season.


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Story of my life.... I sweat like a pig. Even when its cold. Actually even more... I dont use antiperspirants because they dont really solve the problem and i hate the smell. I prefer to use plain alcohol to fight the odors and i try to keep the area clean. Wearing loose clothes seem to help a lot as they let my skin breath and make the sweating less noticeable. It gets better during summer because i wear very light clothing...


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Yessss and its driving me insane because I get excessive sweating on my hands and in the process of trying to find something that will work (failed so far :p )


One of the things that caused me to sweat excessively in that area was having taken too many decongestants (Including a once daily Allegra-D, and other over the counter meds). I have been a regular user of Allegra (Non-decongestant) for the past couple of years, and I really don't have the problem anymore. I generally don't sweat much anyways, but I noticed that one problem and my pediatrician who I've known for almost three decades told me that the decongestants can cause it, or at least exacerbate it. Btw, for those wanting a treatment, they have prescriptions for it and they used to have a great one that discontinued which was made in Glades, Florida, but currently you can buy it over the counter in roll-on and stick form (It's called: Certain Dri, and the roll-on is best for night, the stick for daytime). Even if you don't think that you sweat excessively, it's awesome to use if you're going to be in a nervous situation, or wearing formal/dressy clothes on a hot day.