Extra Life 24hour video game LIVE stream marathon


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Hello all. I figured this was the best place to post this. Hope you all will share this information, and possibly join me on the 20th of October for an Extra Life charity 24hour game marathon that I will be Live streaming on twitchtv. For those unfamiliar with Extra Life, they are a charity organization that raise money for children with life threatening diseases. This is my second year participating, but unfortunately last year I didn't raise any money. But this year I have a new advantage, and that is the ability to live stream my entire 24 hour game marathon. Donations can be made in either one time payments, or hourly pledge. Any and all amounts would be great. I myself have CF, and how Extra Life works is, as a member I can choose which hospital I want to raise money for. I will be raising money for KU medical center, as that is the hospital I attend. Donating will help kids, like myself with CF, to get the treatment and care they need and deserve, in cases where finances aren't able to keep up with the medical attention needed. If you are interested please read a bit on the Extra Life site that I will be linking, as they have more detailed information. And please, come and join me on twitchtv starting @12am October 20th.

I do tend to swear while I play, but I will try my best to refrain as much as possible, and I'm not certain what game(s) I will be playing. I considered giving those who donate the choice of game that I play for x amount of hours, but not sure just yet. I still have alot of work to do, but I wanted to post here to try to get some CF attention.

links will be bellow, much love,
Sean :)

Twitchtv channel link: http://www.twitch.tv/seahn

Extra Life donation page :

extra info: (if you have, or create a twitchtv account, you can follow me, and you will be notified via email whenever I start streaming)
(info on it will be updated for more personal info, also I partnered with G4tv, as they raised over 20k last year, hoping I can add to that)


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Just a quick update, I am currently at $49, out of $100 for my goal. If you can donate great, if not just share my facebook post, or Extra Life link. 24 hour event doesn't start until the 20th, but it doesnt hurt to get an early start. :p

thanks again for any attention you can give to this cause