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What is everyones favorite workout DVD? I use my ellipitcal machine when it is cold during the winter. I am looking to change it up since I had a decline in my FEV 1 47%.. yikes. I am not having any symptoms of an exacerbation, very strange. My doctor suggested doing hardcore cardio to get my lungs into shape.

Any suggestions of a good intense cardio workout DvD??


28 yo, DF508 R5538, dx at 6 months old


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Don't know much to recommend on workout DVD's. But I'd surely give Bas Rutten's workouts a try. :D

But what's stopped my decline instead of fanatical cardioing has been weightlifting. Took me a while to figure that out.

For the fact simply that my lungs limit me in my cardio way before getting any real benefits for the rest of my body. And so while it does loosen up some sputum it doesn't do much for me in the sense of getting me in better shape and make me stronger. It does make me tired which is perhaps not a very good waste of energy.

With weightlifting instead I can start a set having catched my breath and can load up my body heavy just before running out of oxygen. Catch my breath again and do another set. Giving my body and heart a good run this time as well while still loosening up the sputum and getting better at endurance.
The extra weightgain and being physically much stronger I believe is what stopped my decline. I went down to low 30% fev1 before figuring this out and while sadly my lungs haven't improved much they did stabilise like that for many years now and the rest of my body is in much better shape, 25 pounds heavier and I can run hundreds of meters.


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I do Insanity from Beachbody. It's all cardio and is great for airway clearance. It takes approx. 40 minutes a day six days a week. There's also T25 which is great but for me its hard to keep up with. Insanity lets you take multiple breaks throughout to help you catch your breathe which is what I need.


I echo T25 - tough but great. I also love Turbo Jam for an easier, but super fun cardio workout! If Turbo Jam gets too easy, you can move up to Turbo Fire which is a lot faster. I love them all!
I am watching many workout videos and get ideas and tips from them,.
But i love Arnold workout videos and he is the motivation from me to build my body,.


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I had a 12% PFT increase after doing Insanity. I recommend! Currently I do T25 to maintain cardio while doing 45 minutes of weight lifting as well.

I am also a BB coach so if you have any questions or concerns, email me at w0256718@selu.edu.