finally a name


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ok guys I finally got a name. I dont post often but thought I would get a login name. I tried a while back to get a name but it said my email was in use...i had forgotten my last name i had on i just got another one with a different anyway no longer annon for me
ok good <img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-smile.gif" border="0"> i hate annon people...well not litteraly..but to the fact they dont have a sn..they dont leave their name and yell at me so i dont know who it was


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Yeah, I'm sure they do that on purpose. 'cause they're after my waffles! Whenever I see an annoymous post with no name, I lock all my waffles up, and I have a guard dog with them, too. They still manage to get my waffles, anyway, though. I don't understand! Also, i think they're somehow trying to make my guard dog fatter, 'cause he is! What's up with that?


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Well I shield my waffles with my life ( I don't quite get the waffle thing, but I'll just go with it), but even though they do not touch my waffles, sometimes anonymous posting bothers me. If they don't sign their name, that is. I think people will post things that they wouldn't have the guts to if a name was required. That's all I had to say LOL