I have LOTS (100?) of disposable, sealed in the package, nebulizers for inhalation treatments.
All have the 7 foot hose, and mouthpiece.
They are mostly the acorn, generic kinds but there are some larger 10 cc nebs for things like Colistin that has a larger volume and foams some.
They are the green HUDSON II (2) Updraft nebs..for free.

Also, 10 boxes of 100 One Touch Ultrasoft WHITE color LANCETS for pricking your finger for a blood glucose reading.
100 sterile lancets per box.
The box says:
For use with all OneTouch Penlet & OneTouch UltraSoft brand automatic blood samplers from LifeScan, and most other blood sampling devices.

You PayPal me for the shipping from the East Coast and I’ll send them cheapest cost via the Post office.
Email me…..