Glutathione Supplementation with CF


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Hi allI have started taking Glutathione with NAC on March 17th of last month. I am not sure if you know what Glutathione does but it has many great benefits for CF patients. Glutathione seems to be the Amino acid that is missing or depleted from our bodies due possibly to the CF mutation. Thankfully, I met a lady Tracy through this site and she shared her experience with me and I was convinced to try it. Of course, I consulted with my doctors. I also did research and decided this would be good for me. Since I am a transplant patient, I researched interactions with my drugs and it seems that GSH does increase my drug levels so I was able to cut down two mg of my one drug. I am also taking NAC with Glutathione. Glutathione helps with reducing inflammation and helps to fight infections. It has many benefits. Talk to your Doctor before you start taking this on your own.My results have been docummented with sputum cultures and blood tests. Each week there has been improvement.. For more information please follow a message board on the Benefits of Glutathione. I will be posting my improvement there. Please if you have taken GSH or know someone who has experienced great results please send them to this board Benefits of GlutathioneSincerelyRisa