Going to the doctor for a sweat test rcmndtn.


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Im going to the doctor this week to try and get a recommendation for a cf sweat test. Im worried they may think Im crazy, but I'm so frustrated that I dont know what else to do. Since a child I have been getting sinus infections and bronchitis frequently. My doctor diagnosed me with asthma and put me on antibiotics and that worked for a while. I'm now 22 years old (female) and have started going downhill since 16. I know cystic fibrosis is usually diagnosed as a child but i was not tested at birth and I have read that some milder mutations do not.become severe until later in life. Anyway at 16 I started having severe pain in the area of my gallbladder and had to undergo a few scans and a colonoscopy/ endoscopy. They diagnosed me with ibs. Which does not fit because I do not have those symptoms all the time. I am 5'5" and my average weight used to be around 130. In the past two years, despite how much I eat, I keep losing weight and I now weigh 108 pounds. The number of sinus infections that turn into bronchitis increased as well. Now the longest I can go without being sick is two months. Like a clock. And it is.much more severe, requiring stronger antibiotics and a nebulizer and now large doses of prednisone every time because my chest and airways get so swollen I feel as if my chest would tear with one more cough. It is so painful I cry, and have almost passed out. What makes me angry is that no doctor has ever asked WHY I keep getting sick. They just treat my symptoms. This cant be normal. Its at the point where it is depressing, Im so weak all the time. Am I doing the right thing? I am also french canadian,lithuanian, and cicilian..second generation America which I read Cf is prevelant among those ethnicities.


Good! Get a sweat test and then let us know the results!!! So sorry you've been suffering. If you do indeed have CF, then you can start getting treatment and FEEL BETTER!

Many people are diagnosed with CF in their 20's, 30's, 40's, and 50's -- so don't think that just children are those with the diagnosis!


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You need to go to an APPROVED CF CLINIC and see a CF SPECIALIST. If your Doctor won't give you a referral tell him/her that you will get a NEW DOCTOR who will give you a referral. I was diagnosed at age 47 and there is a woman here who was diagnosed at age 76. Don't let your age interfere with getting your answers.