Heart rate w/exercise? Plz help


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I am 15, and I'll admit, not in the best shape. I joined a gym and got a personal trainer session free. He did a heart rate test as part of the fitness examination. When he showed me his chart afterwards, he explained that my heart rate was slightly over 200, that was about 30 more than the worst "very poor" section (the lowest his chart went). Should I be concerned about this? I received warnings from the elliptical saying my heart rate was too high as well. Can this be CF related? Also, I sweat a lot when I exercise, even when it's not very strenuous. So if anyone could give me some advice or information that would be great.


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It's too high of a heartrate for a sustained period of time.
As a rule of thumb one should not exceed a heartrate of 220 minus age at peak effort so 205 in your case.

Yes CF can be the cause of the high heartrate and having trouble keeping up but we do what we can and ofcourse the way to improve it is through exercise. So having decided to exercise is the big achievement here and now realise that you are in it for the long haul. Won't have to build Rome in a day so take it easier and build it up. It will come.
(Don't forget the strength training devices! That's so important for CF'ers.)


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Heartrate which you have mentioned is too high and i think its due to CF.. I think you should get check heartrate again.. Before starting exercises you should have to consult with your fitness trainer or physician