How do you guys deal?



Posts like this make me wish I didn't have to grow up. I'm so thankful for my father and the fact that not only does he pay for all my medications, but he can also pay to put me through the college of my dreams. I will never be able to repay him for that.


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For now I just hope the stupid republicans don't repeal the healthcare bill that Obama passed. Oh yeah, I went there.

But I guess here we're all one issue voters pretty much.</end quote></div>

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Obamacare will make it more difficult for people to get in to see doctors, especially specialists, because there will be such a backlog of patients waiting to be seen and not enough doctors. And it will take months or years to be able to get things like CT or PET scans because the waiting lists will be astronomical. I'd rather pay the cost and get what I need NOW so that I can actually, I don't know, live to see next year rather than be sitting on a waiting list while I die because I didn't get in to see the doctor or to get testing done in time. And no, just because we have a disability, it doesn't mean that every other IMPORTANT issue in the world has to be shoved to a backburner by pure selfishness. I for one would rather protect innocent life, for example, than allow stem cell research on unborn and defenseless children. And I would also rather be able to control my own life and future rather than have an overly large, dysfunctional, tyrannical, socialist government trying to dictate everything about my life and invade my privacy. Just sayin'.


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If you're looking for a psychological escape that isn't harmful to your health there aren't many options. Sure, there are a whole lot of chemicals that will provide temporary psychological escape, but not without the severe risk of dependency whether it be physiological or psychological. People with chronic conditions tend to unconsciously seek out these types of drugs and can very easily become dependent. Happened to me, happened to my sister and she paid the ultimate price for it. Of course there is legal, government-regulated pharmacological escape which come in the form of alcoholic beverages. And there are anti-depressants (SSRIs), anti-anxiety (benzodiazepines), anti-psychotic medicines that might take the edge off and give you the ability to focus on other things besides the negatives in your life (that or dumb you down to the point where you can't focus on ANYTHING). I have taken Zoloft for almost 2 years but I wish I never started. It has absolutely zero effectiveness as far as being an 'anti-depressant,' at least for me. The only affect it has on me is that when I stop taking it I go into a seriously unpleasant and intense withdrawal. Pharmaceutical ball and chain. For me, harder to kick than opiates because of the withdrawal's longevity

With CF as you know everything is a trade-off. Same goes with mental health. Every medication has a potentially undesirable effect, the trick is to find the one that works best for you. I'm sorry you have not found that yet.

And you're right, most doctors won't sign off on long term use of your drug of choice because of ethical/legal reasons. Since that is the case if I were you I'd look at something you both can get behind (you and your doctor) as a team.

Relating to the topic at hand I agree look into drug company programs and see if any assistance can be given at your cf clinic appointments.