How to keep salt out of your eyes?


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My husband has cystic fibrosis. Whenever he spends the day outside in the warmer months, or even in the colder months if he is active, he ends up with red irritated eyes for days from the salt dripping in his eyes all day.

This makes him not want to spend so much time doing stuff together as a family or exercising because he knows it will make his eyes burn.

Is there anything you have been able to find to help with this problem? It makes him just want to hide in the house all Summer when I'd really rather we could be out doing things as a family. (We have 3 small children.)


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Tell him to let his hair grow out.
I found when I had long hair (I used to have a braid to the middle of my back) my hair soaked up the sweat.
Now that I've cut all my hair off, I get the ol' sweat in the eyes all the time. I've always worn a hat (ball cap) all my life, so that's helped.
I never had sweat running in my eyes when I had long hair and wore a hat.
Now, even with my hat on, I get sweat in my eyes.
I cut my hair because I didn't want to be 'That Old Guy With The Ponytail', now I'm paying for it. Oh well...


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I have this problem when I run. By the end of a race, my eyes are burning. I've found wearing a head band really helps. They make ones specifically for exercise induced sweat, which is basically us on overdrive! Theyre called sweaty bands. I know there are really cute ones for ladies but recently at a running trade show I saw many nice styles for dudes. He won't want to wear it out probably, but working around the house, exercise etc it will help.


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I second the sweat bands. CF sweat is nothing to take lightly. Until I read a similar post topic a year or three back, I thought I was a freak of nature. I'd never make it in a life of crime, my hands are perpetually wet with an acid etching sweat that indelibly marks every finger print on most surfaces.

The same acidic salty sweat hurts like broken glass in the eyes. Until my early forties I did age/health appropriate extreme sports. Doing a seven day seven hundred bicycle ride across Iowa probably was the best example of needing something to keep sweat from blinding me. Iowans are great sports to host me and 15,000 close friends every year. It's been a while since I did the ride.

You can't own enough sweat bands. On a ride, I wore one up in my helmet shell, one just over my brow and ears and one wrist band or two. On the bike ride dew point, maximum humidity/temperature hit about noon and though I am allergic to mornings, I was peddling by 4am in order to finish the day's ride out of the worst heat. Even then I had two complete changes of sweat bands. Sweat bands aren't expensive and undoubtedly are beyond elastic and cotton. A sweat band with a ball cap may not fly in Fashionistaville but it's far less stylish pouring bottled water in your eyes while screaming in pain.

Keep the sticky side down,