I love this website!


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I learn so many different things from this site; remind me of old techniques; learn and re-learn things!

That's all . . . (FART2)


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I love it here too! :) I've met (not literally) so many close friends though this community over the 8 years that I've been coming here. They are so much like family (L) I hope you continue to be with us for a while!


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Oh me too! This site gave me hope at a time I desperately needed it. I have formed such wonderful friendships here, and I continue to learn from everyone.



I love it here to no matter if I stay away for awhile or click on daily I feel I can ask any thing and get so much Infomation on what I am trying to understand.It is a gift so thanks CF community.
I remember the days before I found this site, my life is just must easier with it. Terrible confusing times in the hospital with some serious GI issues and not-good care by a hospital was made better by advice from other moms & adults with CF. Battles at the school to let my kid do his own dosing enzymes for middle school went smooth as silk with help from members. Encouragement and help when I need it and the ability to share my stories to help others is just a gift that I treasure! Thanks for the community!