I need some help with a uni artwork!



Hi everyone,
My name is Charlotte and I'm from Melbourne.
I'm trying to reach a broad CF audience and I thought this might be a good spot!
I have CF and I'm currently in my final semester of my Fine Art degree, working with the idea of the many forms of isolation experienced in CF. If anyone is willing to, contributions from CF sufferers would be very valued!! I'm collecting hand written responses (if you have a young child maybe they'd like to do a drawing?) so, an image of your hand written response of how you personally interpret isolation in CF in however long, short, literal or abstract as you like!
They can be sent either through Facebook or cnken1@student.monash.edu. Also feel free to specify if you'd like to remain anonymous but if it's ok, an age would be great to record!
I really appreciate your time, I hope you all have a wonderful day!

ps, the work will be exhibited in the uni's graduate exhibition open to the public so it's a good opportunity to shine some light on CF too!