I really want to become CF healthy


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So last time I got my FEV (I think it's called that), I scored 106%. I fear that I have decreased by a large number. My last chest x-ray I had minor lung scarring.

But I really want to get healthy in terms of my lungs. I'm at a good weight (and my doctors have given me the 'go head' sign to lose, at most, 10 lb.). But when it comes to my lung health, it's not as great as I think it should be. I don't use my Pulmozyme as much as I should, and I use my inhaler a lot more than I do my Pulmozyme. I workout every other day (and if not every other day, the day after every other day).

So here's what i want to know:

1. How can I achieve 120% on my FEV?
2. How can I get my lungs healthy?
3. I recently went running 3 miles, pretty much non stop, taking a few breaks every few minutes (breaks as in walking, then back to running) and my lungs felt like they were hurting. What does this mean?
4. Can I strengthen my lungs by using an elliptical?
5. If so, how do I know whether or not i should run (on the elliptical) faster or slower to increase lung function and strengthen my lungs?