Round Rock, TX
I recently posted my daughter's experiences with Indrepta after using it for 4 months ( This product was co-developed by Sharktank Research Foundation and Planetary Biosciences. After being available for 7 months, I think we can say it has helped several people. We've received questions such as why isn't this FDA approved, or how could something that is basically an "over the counter" dietary supplement be useful. As a disclaimer, I am president of Sharktank Research Foundation. We are a non profit org and we helped develop and finance Indrepta, but we do not receive any sales from it. Our motivation is to help develop safe and useful products for CF patients, in a timely manner, and that are also cost effective.
Since all our ingredients are designated as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe), the FDA has already approved the use of the product ( Sure we could have gone down the FDA approval route and spent millions of dollars (which we don't have) and taken many years, to get an designation as a "drug". However, we didn't have the funds or the timetable to do this. Pharmaceutical companies will not pursue dietary supplements, since it's not worth their time from a financial standpoint. That being said, we felt that many of these compounds have had some good research performed on them over the years, but that they were never pursued with the objective of making a product, and often forgotten.
I would encourage anyone that is interested in Indrepta, to look at the Facebook page of peoples' experiences.
We don't want anyone to change their healthcare regimen, but if they aren't satisfied with how it currently is working for them, this might be something to look into.
I am also taking Indrepta. I am on my first week of the full dosage (2 weeks total) and have seen such positive results from it! I cannot wait to see what other positive results I'm going to see!