Inhaled glutathione


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Inhaled many times a day do you use it? When in the daily routines do you use it? During vest? Immediately after vest? Where in the list of other inhaled Meds does it find the greatest benefit in your experiences?


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I neb mine after vest and all the coughing from doing the vest - which by the way if you are not then you should be stopping periodically and doing "huffs" which will make the child cough up anything that has gotten loose from the vest treatment. You can vest all day but if you don't bring the crap up then it's useless - but I assume you know this already. Reason why I do it after is I want it to remain in there to get into the cells which are deficient of it so I feel if I do it while I'm vesting then the majority of it I'm just going to cough it up, plus it is a mucolitic (spelling? - thins the mucus) so it'll continue to thin the mucus out so making it easier to get up more for the rest of the day between the treatments. I neb it twice a day and in between take oral to make up for the total days amount needed. Here is the protocol for it as per the Doctor that discovered/researched it for CF all you need to know should be there. I am still working my way up to my total daily amount, I did try it for a while years ago but slacked off due to costs at the time and then simply losing interest but am back at giving it a go again.


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I also do inhaled GSH twice a day as the last step of my nebbed treatments. It's usually during my vest treatment though, since my nebs typically don't last longer than my vest.