Inspiring Cystic Fibrosis Documentary!!!


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Hey Hey ALL!!! I'm brand new to this site and would love your support.

My name is Beau Rich and I am an actor/filmmaker with Cystic Fibrosis.
I have been given the opportunity to film a cross country documentary showcasing how to live an active and healthy lifestyle with CF. On June 29th, we leave Orlando, FL for Denver, CO and then from Denver, I make the trip to California. Along the way we are doing as many crazy and adventurous things. I want to show other people living with CF that there is, an easier way to live and breathe throughout this crazy complicated life we've been given. Cystic Fibrosis is not a Death Sentence, only a charge to appreciate the life you have.

PLEASEEEE if you know anyone (which idk why you'd be here if you didn't) affected with this disease then please join me in creating something impactful that will reach, teach and inspire!

Check out the page for the Documentary below and watch the video!!! It says more than I am right now lol

Thank you all! Please like, share and support!



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Great idea Beau.
This is what I do as my profession. If you need help with the post production (or just want me to take that background hiss out of your promo video) let me know how I can help.


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Hey you were on Stone Mountain - we do not live too far from there. My grandson has been up there too! Keep on keeping on! CF (continuing the Fight)
I'm sure by now you are well passed CO, however I am a 24 yr old living with CF in Breckenridge CO and just came across this forum and your post. Have very similar views on your film idea and would love to be a part of it if still possible. If not, good luck with the filming and look forward to seeing a finished product.

Keep Fighting, Keep Breathing, Live Today, Say Tomorrow