Insurance Ideas for CF Patient


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I am a CF patient with 31 years, fortunately so far I've been healthy, meaning there has been no need to get me hospitalized for any reason, I just handle myself well with regular nebulization, tons of pancreatic pills and sporadic antibiotic taking to treat lung infections (I also workout which helps a lot).

My concern is that I live in Venezuela, so far, I've had foundations to help me with the pancreatic pills and also I could find the antibiotics and products for my nebulization with no much problem and quite affordable (medicine are quite "subsidized" by the goverment). The thing is, as some of you know, there is a huge crisis here and things are starting to get quite difficult (it has been for a long time but now is more critical than ever). The foundations that are helping with the pancreatic pills are getting less and less contributions, and the antibiotics and nebulizing products are not longer easy to find, they are almost out of stock everywhere.

What I wanted to ask you is you have any recommendation for me and people in my condition, maybe some health insurance worldwide that accepts patients with CF (I know it's hard to find because of our precondition); or some other way to keep receiving at least the minimum amount of medicine to keep my condition stable.

Thanks in advance for your help, regards.