I am having a terrible time getting workers compensation insurance privately and through the state. Do you have any suggestions? I am told that our employee is a liability for any insurance agent to cover. He is just a part time employee that works 20 hours a week in retail and no one will give us insurance. I feel this is discrimination. Sam (the man with CF) is on disability but would still like to work part time, and he is truely an asset to the company. Where can I go from here?<img src="i/expressions/face-icon-small-sad.gif" border="0">


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What state do you live in? I own a board&care for the elderly in California.I use State Fund.They are expensive for the kind of business i have but one of the few that will cover my kind of business.I also know of a company called NEK that I have my Liability Insurance through.They also have Workers Comp Insurance. Good Luck to you. Michael