International Patient

I am a Pediatrician who goes on medical missions to the Dominican Republic 3 times a year. I have recently begun seeing Yendry, a little 4 year old Dominican child, with cystic fibrosis. His family is unable to afford his medications and I am providing what I can find. Does anyone have ideas for donations of Creon and 7% hypertonic saline? Those are the most expensive, difficult to find at a reasonable cost. I will be going down again in late August and hope to take enough medication to get him through until mid January. Insurance there does not cover his medications and I had no idea how expensive these 2 were until I began trying to provide them for him.
Thank you for any ideas.


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You could check with CF clinics to see if they get samples from drug companies or if they know of anyone who may have switched brands and has a surplus. Unfortunately it is spendy, I just got the receipt for my child's 3 month supply of creon, which was covered by insurance and it was $22,000 plus. Hypertonic saline in our case isn't covered by insurance, so I have to pay out of pocket $33 every month.