Hello friends,
My name is Monserrat Smith. I am new to this online community. I am here to get some knowledge about medical science.


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Welcome MonserratSmith,

The medical science you might find here has a lot to do with mental health in medical science. There are only 30,000 or so families in the U.S. and 80,000 world wide dealing with CF. Tens of millions deal with cancer each year by comparison so we are orphans, one and all. We have an orphan disease, actually a genetic disorder that gives way to many diseases, and we are given orphan drugs.

When we get into medical science, it is as much to protect ouselves as participate in CF's treatment. We orphans are a pretty tight nitted group, especially on sites like this. Watch out, even though you read stories on a computer screen, the drama isn't scripted and the life or death struggles are real. A post a month or so back keeps cycling through my mind and is a great example of how extreme some of the lives you are watching and reading about; "Bob" was whining because he wanted to have a tumor removed from his liver AND have his esophagus repaired so he didn't asperate after his double lung transplant. The surgeons agreed to cut on the liver but refused to fix his other problem. Read that again? This is so prosaic that people actually chime in where angels fear to tread.

Have fun and feel what is said as well as reading it,



Hello Friend, i am Weatherby frome USA. I am also new to this online community. i am here to get some knowledge about medical science.


I'm a new CF'er to this site but I just wanted you guys to know that I have a blog about my transplant journey. I would appreciate it if you would check it out as I barely made it :)

-Daniela, 18
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