IVS changed every 24hrs??



So my friend has cf and has been in hospital since last week. She has a port, but lately hasn't been working. They gave up on port & put in IV, but changing it every 24hrs...is that normal? I thougt IVs were good for few days. She's just miserable & wondered if this was normal to happen.


Before my port was placed I used pick lines in my right arm usually and the needle wld get changed once a week, same as the port now. Your friend shd definitely ask why they are changing the needle every day? One thing I've learned over the years speak up and don't be afraid to ask questions. It's our bodies and we shd know what is going in, and what bacteria's we are growing. I take a journal with me when I go to the hospital, and write it all down. Even when the nurses change shifts. I write their names down I feel it's my righto know so many times in my early years, I wld just lay there and not ask anything, I didn't want to be a problem patient... well more than once a human error occurred and if I was more out spoken it cld of bee n avoided. Which I am now. You know that old saying with age comes wisdom, but my sisters just think I am a pain in the ass, till they need advice abt something simple then they call me. I am the only one of 4 with CF. So tell yr. friend speak up. Pat/60