Jesse: Jane's son


For all of you who remember the stories Jane would tell in her archived blogs here...we cried and laughed and celebrated Jesse's life with Jane through her stories.
Jesse died waiting for new lungs this week.
Peter and I especially remember meeting the family and taking them on our tour of NYC...ending with my son Andrew hosting us at the restaurant he was managing.
Jane is an artist. She is beautiful. We love her family through her. She has been a model and guide to so many here at She is not alone. Peter and I will attend the wake on Sunday as will many others in person and in prayer...
From Jane's blog:
The title suggests simplicity. Primary colors, pure and basic. The painting is none of those things.
Yellow, red, blue. Colors stark, singular and separate.
Opposition exists here. Not only in the colors which mostly remain untainted, unaffected by the others nearby, but in all the elements within. Lines, shapes and textures all in conflict. Bold, soft, sharp, smooth, angular, round, geometric, organic, male, female, active, passive, simple, complex, open, closed. The conflict is not angry, just chaotic, bordering on playful but not quite. Lost at a carnival, supposed to be having fun, but too much going on.

Repetition gives some comfort.
Look, another circle, more blue. I'm not alone here.


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When I read the title of the post my stomach dropped, and I so hoped it wasn't this.

I'm so sorry to hear that Jesse has passed. My thoughts and prayers will be with Jane and family.

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Im so sorry to read this. I remember reading Jane's posts also about her sons. This is so tragic. My thoughts and prayers are with all of them.


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Gracious Lord who delivered Jesse from his Dark Valley and now oversees Jesse's green pastures. Please enter Jane's, Josh's, and Bill's Dark Valley and lift them into the Light. Your Mercy is forever and for everyone. Please ensure the Napolitano' s faith brings them to renewed life with Your consoling Breath. Amen


Thanks Stacey for the link. Jesse is one talented angel...loved watching him grow and now remembering him.


This has been the most heart breaking news. I meet Jane at a group from Children's in Boston. My daughter (w/cf) knows both her sons. We plan to
attend on Sunday. We really thought he was going to get those lungs. Prayers for his family.


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I wanted to fly out for the day, but I'm still so sick, so I can't. Cheryl and Jeanne please hug Jane for me, and tell her I'm there in spirit.



Oh Stacey...Please feel better. We are sending light and love to you too!
Yes, Cheryl and I will bring your warmth and wishes to the Napolitano family. They know we are with them, they are not alone.
This is a clarion call for donors.


Have followed Jane's input on the forum and appreciated her obvious love and dedication to her boys and commitment to doing everything possible to support them in such a positive way. A wonderful, strong Mother. My deepest sympathy, thoughts and prayers to the family at this very sad time. Jesse lived his life well and was obviously a great credit to himself and his family.


Peter and I are on our way traveling from New Jersey to Massachusetts. We ask your thoughts and prayers for the family today as they remember Jesse and greet family and friends at the funeral home Josh graduated from college yesterday, so the emotions must be so intense and confused.
I know we represent so much love from around the globe and I'm sure that brings them comfort and peace.
Salt and Light,


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Jesse Napolitano will be laid to rest tomorrow but is receiving a rousing affirmation of his life today. A police car at the funeral home roadway entrance and the line of respect out into the parking lot. It is a good din in Shepherd's Funeral Home right now. For a young man he was vary accomplished and engaged his illness with productive life activities rather than without them. His work now is more important than ever.


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Jane was one of the first CF mom's I met 7 years ago after my son was born. I found out about Jesse's passing at the Great Strides walk yesterday. I was expecting to see Jane and then I heard. I saw this thread earlier in the week and never put two and two together. My heart is breaking.


We made the trek to beautiful Kingston Ma, and yesterday and we spent some time with Jane and Bill, remembering their talented and oh so young son: Jesse. Jane has always been generous sharing the triumphs and tribulations of raising two children with CF. We got the experience of Jesse, and now we deeply feel the loss and sadness with the family and for this community.
Peter and I got there early so we had time to experience Kingston and the Jones River.
It is a beautiful, peaceful place.View attachment 413