Kaftrio / Trikafta mix up : what to do?


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Dear all,
My son, 8y old, mixed up his Kaftrio medication accidentally.
What happened:
- yesterday morning: all fine, he took the correct morning dose
- yesterday evening: he took the today morning dose
- today morning: ??? what do we have to do ???
- today evening: ??? what do we have to do ???

The Kaftrio website explains what you have to do when you skip a dose, but he skipped and took one extra.
Any help/feedback is appreciated.
Thank you,


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I don't believe it's that big of a deal. Moving forward, IMO take the correct doses. And set the extra tablets aside in case this happens again. My son once took only one of the morning tablets -- he takes 2 yellow in the morning and blue in the evening. And I believe others have mixed up their doses as well with no issues. I'm more concerned about missing a dose and having side effects.