Love & Logic approach to meds when afraid?


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I'm hoping you can help me with your thoughts. DS just finished a bad 2 weeks of stomach stuff. He was getting a back-up, choked on a chip and then got a stomach bug (at least that's what I think happened). He started refusing his enzymes when he had no problem before and I believe became afraid to take b/c of problems swallowing (the puree with them sprinkled). I'm working with a good dietitian/feeding expert/therapist on self-mastery and we're getting a little better. (Her approach is very L&L based--calm, not anger, setting expectation, etc.) He started with one little "pebble" at a time and is now taking, but so slowly and so much time "manning up". I'm hoping it just continues to improve until he's back to how he did before this last patch, but I was hoping you might help too though with a little script on how you would handle.