Low Cholesterol High Triglycerides, have CFRD. / Macros?


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I am a clean eater, The last time I had any simple carbohydrates I cannot remember. (Simple= pop, candy, etc) I also am considered having CFRD but I don't use Insulin because I eat healthy and workout daily, and have been able to manage that with diet and exercise for the past year or so. I used to be a competitive lifter, as well did fitness competitions, so I would consider myself very active and mindful of my health.

I track my Macronutrients everyday (protein/carbs/fat). I prefer Protein and Carbs over Fats, I guess I would say I consume 200g of carbs+ a day, and fats 20g or less and protein around 110g a day.. I inserted an attachment of my recent Lipids blood work. It's small, and you may have to zoom in. My Cholesterol, which i'm not as concerned about was very low 120's (normal 150-200) and my Triglyc. were elevated in the 160s+ range. Normal (less than 150) which I was concerned about. My last test it was in the 80's so it has more than doubled.

Is it because I am consuming more carbs, and not burning them off (converting them into energy) they are turning into fat?.
To me it seems that if a normal person were to eat 200g of carbs a day, which really isn't THAT much, they wouldn't have this issue. So is this a CF thing?

I just started supplementing with Fish/Krill oil. I am just so upset and frusterated that I work my butt off at the gym everyday (a.m only) and eat so well that this would happen? It's one thing after another.
( Not to mention my vitamen levels are always alittle low, and my ALT is alittle elevated. But that's a different story and has been an issue for years.)

Cant a cyster catch a break??

I am 105lbs, 5"0.

My Main Question: Anybody have these issues?? What causes this if it is a CF issue?

My other question which doesn't have to be answered if nobody knows:
What would be the reccomened consumption in g a day of carbohydrate consumption?
Anyone know what a reccomemned Macro diet would consist of?