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Hey there I am a 14 year old cf sufferer. I was told about Make a Wish foundation a while bak but only now I have decided what I would like after remembering the charity. The thing is, I am pretty well at the moment. Lung function is high, I have been on IVs a few times, nebuliser once and a couple of operations. I visit hospital every 2 months. Aside from that and taking loads of tablets and physio every day I would say I am fairly lucky not to have Cf as bad as quite lots of sufferers out there.
the thing is... I would love to have my wish but I am worried I am not as ill as other people and that I could be taking a way a wish for someone worse than me because I am healthy right now and don't seem to have cf as baly as others.
should I hav the wish ?


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Yes, you should make your wish. It is not a matter of other's being denied. . . they will figure out a way to get the wishes. My understanding is with Wishes they approach folks for specific wishes. A friend who is involved recommend we do one for our son and explained it isn't just for those with terminal illnesses, etc. and everything she said is perfectly applicable to you having a wish. So Wish away and do it without worrying. . . but if you are concerned, just tell them that you don't want to take a wish a way from others and they will be able to give you more info to help you feel comfortable.


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U do not have to be extremely ill to receive a wish. I have 3 cf munchkins and we have gotten one wish granted several years ago and actually r in the process of our second one now. U contact the foundation and they will take some info from u then contact ur cf doctor for wish approval. I like to give our social workers a heads up so they know to expect to be contacted from make a wish. Once ur doctor signs a release giving his/her approval then make a wish will contact u letting u know u have been granted a wish and they will then give u more papers to fill in regard to ur wish as well as ask info about urself. They ask u to pick a couple kinds of wishes as not all r able to be granted all the time. Once u send that paperwork back in it takes about 6-8 weeks for an interview to be set up and after that they begin planning ur wish. So ur aware they r scheduling out about 12 mths right now. Cf kids r entitled to wishes so don't think for 2 seconds that just cause ur doing good right now u don't get the chance to have ur wish come true! U can inquire online and request to be contacted or give ur local office a call and go from there. There r other wish programs out there too u can check into. Another one I know of is Rainbow Connection as we did our first one they them. Different programs offer different things. Good luck to u and I hope u get ur wish granted very soon :)
You should go for your wish while you are well and you have your big dream
My daughter - only 5 - has already her big dream and we are making it come true through something like your make a wish - but in Poland EU
it takes time - that one thing - you have to wait a bit - we had to wait over a year.
second thing is - that she would not be able to make her dream come true if she was in worst condition.
and third... you have no iea how it will be in the future - with cf - everything can change in a moment - and then the dream may be not so wonderful - and if all will be just well with your health for many years - I wish you that :) - then you will be grown up and you can fullfill your dreams yourself.


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My son is 16 and we are working with Make a wish right now. His "wish team" just came to our house on Monday to hear my sons wish. He also has Autism so instead of telling them his wish he drew a picture. His wish is to go to Disney World and ride rides and hang out with Woody. I wanted to let you know that you will not take a wish from anyone. Every child who qualifies receives a wish. They do not turn any child away. So far it has been a wonderful experience, and it is nice for my son to have something to look forward to. I wish you luck and I hope you receive your wish soon!


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When we talked to our social worker, she told us that my children were too healthy and they would be denied a wish. I dropped it after that.
social worker? you must talk to Make a Wish fund :)
my child looks and acts normal - healthy - very healthy to the eye - but nevertheless fights cf - that's enough for the fund - at least should be and is here. They just neede to confirm in her clinic she has cf and that's all


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It came up in a conversation while we were in the doctors and she said the make a wish foundation was looking at how healthy the kids were when applied. Based on that I never looked further into it.


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Gabster, I'd talk to Make a Wish. I would think based on the amount of time your kids spend on treatments to keep themselves healthy, that should be factored in. While we try to let ds lead a normal life, there's still so much he misses out on because of treatments. He can never just be a kid -- can't be as impromptu as we'd like because we have to plan ahead, remember meds, work around tobi, vest & nebs....


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I would definitely go forward with getting your wish now. I was around 14 I think when I got my wish granted, and I was not in that bad of a condition. Looking back it was probably the perfect time because I was able to enjoy it without having the health issues that would get in the way now. Along with what others are saying, don't worry about taking a wish away from another kid the only kid you would be taking a wish away from would be yourself if you don't go for it.
Gabster, I am assuming that your child has cf and if so I believe that qualifies them for a wish. Maybe a kid who had cancer but it went into remission for years would be denied a wish because they were too healthy but I am pretty sure that having cf qualifies your kid, cf isn't something that goes away or gets better, unfortunately it only gets worse. I would definitely look into it if I were you. Having a wish granted was a great experience for me, that came out of having cf, there aren't many perks so I would take the ones you get. Also make a wish is only for people under 18 so you want to be sure to make it happen before it is too late.


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I was first told about Make-A-Wish when I was about 12. I didn't take advantage of it then because I didn't know what to do with it, not because I felt I was too healthy. In my mind, I may have felt good and healthy, but in reality, my body was fighting against me. I just did a good job of fighting back. Of course, once I decided what I wanted to do, I got in touch with Make-A-Wish right away. While they couldn't grant my wish because it involved international travel, they gave me the information of a foundation that would take care of me. My wish was by far one of my favorite times of my life. Don't let it pass you by, for sure.


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Hey ya’ll! My name is Emily. I saw you were talking about the Make a Wish Foundation and I never do this but I’ll give it a shot and hope there are some caring people out there! :)
I’m trying to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation’s Walk for Wishes event in May. I’m really passionate about this organization and have been volunteering for them since I was in High School. I’m looking for some help! :)
I understand it’s hard to come up with $$ sometimes (I just graduated from college in May and ate mac n cheese like everyday haha) but even if you could pass this along to some friends/relatives that would be AMAZING. Even a small donation like $5-10 is incredibly awesome.
The Make a Wish kids are in desperate need of a pick me up. Wishes help kids with illnesses gain their fight to live back. It also helps their families take their minds off of the terrible times they’ve been through by providing them with fun, positive memories.
Click here to donate or pass this link along to your family & friends.
Any support is GREATLY appreciated.